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This page provides news about data sets recently-added to GeoMapApp. The DataLayers menu in which each new data set can be found is (listed in brackets). Data sets can also be found by activating the Searchable Tear-Off Menus and typing a search term in the text box. Please visit the eNewsletters and Development History pages for GeoMapApp version release updates.



May 2019

  • High-resolution multibeam bathymetry data for Monterey Canyon Coordinated Canyon Experiment (Paull and Caress) and for the Adriatic Sea Venice Lagoon (Tosa, Pizzeghello et al.) (Bathymetry and Land Topography)

March 2019

  • Africa 3-D isotropic shear-wave velocity tomographic model from Emry et al. (2018) (Geophysics, Focus Sites)
  • NOAA (2014) Puget Sound 10m bathymetry / land grid (Bathymetry and Land Topography)
  • Continent outlines (Overlays)

January 2019

  • USGS earthquake location tables updated through end of 2018 (Geophysics)
  • Seismic velocity models of Kim et al. (2019) from the ETOMO (Endeavour segment) tomographic experiments (Geophysics, Focus Sites)
  • Watersheds and global cities (Overlays, Human Impact)



December 2018

  • Global gravity free-air anomaly and vertical gravity gradient grids version 24.1 from Sandwell et al. (Geophysics)
  • GSFML global seafloor fabric and magnetic lineations picks (Geophysics)
  • Earthquake Focal Mechanism Solutions (CMT) Portal updated with global CMT final solutions through May 2018 (Portals menu)
  • North American sediment thickness data Mooney and Kaban, 2010 (Geology, Geophysics)

November 2018

  • USGS State Geologic Map Compilation (SGMC), 2017 (Geology)

June 2018

  • Cascadia offshore high-resolution processed seismic lines collected in 2017 on cruise RR1718 by Tominaga, Trehu and Lyle (Portals > Digital Seismic Reflection Profiles)

May 2018

  • Reykjanes Ridge gravity FAA, magnetics, magnetisation and backscatter grids from Martinez and Hey (Geophysics, Bathymetry and Land Topography)
  • USGS earthquake location table updated through April 2018 (Geophysics)
  • Climate-related data sets (e.g. sea surface temperature, precipitation, cloud cover) from NASA/NOAA (Climatology)

April 2018

  • USGS earthquake locations added for events in the past hour, day, week, month (Geophysics)
  • Earthquake Focal Mechanism Solutions (CMT) Portal updated with global CMT final solutions through Sep 2017 (Portals menu)

January 2018



November 2017

  • Antarctic geothermal heat flux data derived from aeromagnetic Curie depth (Martos et al., 2017) (Cryosphere, Geophysics)
  • USAP-DC Antarctica data sets list updated (Cryosphere, Overlays)

October 2017

September 2017

  • Botswana aeromagnetic survey data from Kolawole et al., 2017 (Geophysics, Focus Sites)

August 2017

  • Indian Ocean flight MH370 search area Phase One bathymetry (Geoscience Australia, 2017) (Bathymetry and Land Topography)
  • Seismic velocity models from the UNDERSHOOT (East Pacific Rise) and ETOMO (Endeavour segment) tomographic experiments (Geophysics, Focus Sites)
  • East Pacific Rise bathymetry, crustal age, gravity, and magnetics grids for 12N-16N (Bathymetry and Land Topography, Geology, Geophysics)
  • Reykjanes Ridge bathymetry and gravity from Martinez and Hey (Geophysics, Bathymetry and Land Topography)

June 2017

  • BOEM Gulf of Mexico 12m gridded deep water bathymetry from 3-D seismic surveys (Bathymetry and Land Topography)
  • Geological maps for eastern US updated (Geology)
  • Earthquake Focal Mechanism Solutions (CMT) Portal updated with global CMT final solutions through Feb 2017 (Portals menu)

May 2017

  • Antarctica LiDAR elevation data for McMurdo Dry Valleys and McMurdo Sound (2m-5m grids) (Bathymetry and Land Topography, Cryosphere)
  • Rignot et al. 2017 version 2 Antarctic ice velocities (Cryosphere)

April 2017

  • USAP-DC Antarctic ice core data sets list (Cryosphere, Overlays)
  • Antarctica CryoSat-2 Digital Elevation Model (Bathymetry and Land Topography, Cryosphere)
  • Antarctica: Mount Erebus LiDAR elevatons (2m grid) (Bathymetry and Land Topography, Cryosphere)
  • Antarctic ice core locations, drainage basins, stations and bases locations, place names (Cryosphere, Overlays)
  • Antarctic sub-glacial lake locations (Cryosphere, Overlays)
  • Southern Ocean fronts (Oceanography, Overlays)

March 2017

  • East African Rift geodetic plate velocity solutions from King et al. (Geophysics, Focus Sites)
  • CWU and NMT Geodetic plate velocities for North America (Geophysics)

February 2017

  • EarthScope PBO Plate Velocities PBO Plate Velocities (Geophysics)
  • Spectrally-averaged global subduction zone residual bathymetry and gravity from Bassett and Watts (2015) (Geophysics, Focus Sites)
  • BPCRC Polar Rock Repository sample locations (File > Import Data from WFS)
  • Earthquake Focal Mechanism Solutions (CMT) Portal updated - now provides 46,813 global CMT final solutions to September 2016 (Portals menu)



November 2016

  • MIDAS North America geodetic velocity data from UNR-NGL (Geophysics, Focus Sites)
  • Juan de Fuca Axial Seamount fissures and lava flow outlines from Chadwick et al. (Geology, Focus Sites)

October 2016

  • Cascadia margin: McCrory et al. Depth to Juan de Fuca subducting slab (Geophysics, Focus Sites)
  • Geological maps for western US updated (Geology)
  • Lakes and Rivers, graticules and nighttime lights added (Overlays)
  • Submerged Continental Crust Magmatic Ages (Kimbrough et al., 2016) (Geochemistry, Focus Sites)
  • PACES Gravity free-air and complete Bouguer anomaly data for US (Geophysics)
  • Earthquake Focal Mechanism Solutions (CMT) Portal updated - now provides 46,019 global CMT final solutions to May 2016 (Portals menu)

September 2016

  • USGS-ANSS earthquake data updated (Geophysics)
  • EarthChem geochemistry data for GeoPRISMS and MARGINS focus sites updated (Geochemistry, Focus Sites)
  • Seismic and Electrical Resistivity tomography models for the central US Mid-Continent Rift (MCR) (Yang et al., 2015) and New Madrid zone (OIINK-Vs, Chen et al., 2016); and S-wave velocities for the US Pacific Northwest (PNW10-S, Porritt et al., 2011) and for North America (NA07, Bedle and van der Lee, (2009) and SAWum-NA2, Yuan and Romanowicz, (2011)) (Geophysics, Focus Sites)

August 2016

  • USGS bathymetric compilation of the Eastern North American margin (version 2, 2016) and Puerto Rico (2014) (Bathymetry and Land Topography, Focus Sites)
  • Seismic tomography models for the Andes and Andes Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex (Ward et al., 2013, 2014); Western US crustal thickness (Gilbert, 2012); and, the DNA13 Porritt et al. (2014) P- and S-wave velocity perturbations for the contiguous United States (Geophysics, Focus Sites)

June 2016

  • Line Islands Ridge, Kingman Reef, Palmyra Atoll bathymetry grids from Law of the Sea surveys KM1520 and RB1601 (Bathymetry and Land Topography)
  • US Census Bureau Cities data set (Human Impact)

May 2016

  • Crustal thickness grids, mantle Bouguer anomaly and residual mantle Bouguer anomaly grids from Gregg et al., (2007) for ocean transforms at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, East Pacific Rise, Juan de Fuca Ridge and Southeast Indian Ridge (Geophysics, Focus Sites)
  • Earthquake Focal Mechanism Solutions (CMT) Portal updated - now provides 45,320 global CMT final solutions to January 2016 (Portals menu)

April 2016

  • Oklahoma magnetics data from Keller/OGS/NGDS (Geophysics)
  • High-resolution Sentry AUV bathymetry and sidescan survey data from Smith et al., (2014) for the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 16.5N (Geophysics, Focus Sites, Bathymetry and Land Topography)
  • NOAA 30-year-averaged climate data for 100 US Cities (Climatology)
  • Gao and Shen (2014) Cascadia region shear-wave ambient noise tomographic model (Geophysics, Focus Sites)

March 2016

  • WGM2012 global gravity grids (Geophysics)
  • Bathymetry grid of Santorini from 1848 UK Admiralty surveys (Watts) (Bathymetry and Land Topography)
  • Earthquake Focal Mechanism Solutions (CMT) Portal updated - now provides 44,797 global CMT final solutions to October 2015 (Portals menu)



December 2015

  • CRUST 1.0 crustal and sediment thicknesses and depth to Moho (Geophysics)

November 2015

  • New York City 1m LiDAR elevation data (Bathymetry and Land Topography)
  • Earthquake Focal Mechanism Solutions (CMT) Portal updated - now provides 44,059 global CMT final solutions to June 2015 (Portals menu)

October 2015

  • Cascade arc volcanoes 3m LiDAR elevation data (Bathymetry and Land Topography)
  • GeoMapApp v3.6.0 released

September 2015



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