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GeoMapApp©: Mac Installation

GeoMapApp is a Java desktop application and it must be downloaded to your computer. Clicking on the AGREE button below downloads the file GeoMapApp.dmg file to your computer. Double-click on the GeoMapApp.dmg file to expose which you can then drag to your Applications Folder.

Minimum Requirements:

We recommend installing the default version of GeoMapApp since it comes bundled with Java 7.

  • GeoMapApp will run on Mac OS X El Capitan version 10.11, Yosemite version 10.10, Mavericks version 10.9, Mountain Lion version 10.8, Lion version 10.7
  • Java 7 or 8 (also called Sun Java Runtime Environment [JRE] or Java Development Kit [JDK] 1.7 or newer).
  • 160 MB free disk space (version bundled with Java), 30 MBytes (for unbundled version).
  • 512 MB available RAM. (512 MB or higher is recommended for best performance.)
  • An Internet connection for access to data.

GeoMapApp v3.5.0 and higher is now signed with a trusted Apple Developer ID to comply with Apple's Gatekeeper security settings for desktop applications. Read this section of the FAQ for more discussion of Java and Mac OS requirements.

Troubleshooting Notes:

  • For Mac OS X El Capitan version 10.11, some users reported problems starting GeoMapApp. Ensure that the latest El Capitan bug fixes have been installed, delete your .GMA file (see step-by-step notes here), and restart GeoMapApp.
  • If the default Java-bundled version does not work, please try installing the unbundled version here (requires 30 MB of disk space.)
  • If you installed GeoMapApp, and dragged it to your Desktop or Applications folder but it does nothing when double-clicked, please check the requirements above. You may need to download a newer version of Java - see this step-by-step guide in our FAQ.
  • For Mac OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8 users who might be having issues with installing the application you must configure your default Security & Privacy settings to accept the application. Go to the installation walk-through for more details.
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard version 10.6, Mac OS X Leopard version 10.5 or Mac OS X Tiger version 10.4. requires Java 5 or lower. Try using our past versions here. Mac OS X Panther will not work.
  • When running on Mac OS X Lion version 10.7 and Mountain Lion version 10.8, Apple's new Gatekeeper security may keep GeoMapApp from opening. To fix this: In the Finder, Control-click or right click the GeoMapApp icon. Select "open" from the menu that appears. Click "open" in the resulting dialog box.
  • If your system meets the minimum requirements but you are still unable to run GeoMapApp, please tell us.

This software is distributed for free and it contains no guarantees or warranties. The software was developed through contributions of NSF and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University. None of the developers or supporters of GeoMapApp can be held responsible for problems that may occur from using this software. We are distributing it with the best of intentions, and to our knowledge and based on our testing it contains no known harmful code. All users should read all information associated with the software and agree to the statements issued here.

Checksum SHA-1 and MD5 For GeoMapApp.dmg:

  • SHA-1: 0aa0a743acdae73424679f9be5acc63d9d61cb91
  • MD5: a8f4cc632f2a4d43d0099f235b5a6250

Displayed Maps, Images, and Data Tables are not to be used for Navigation Purposes.

Download GeoMapApp to your computer by clicking on AGREE below.