The current version of GeoMapApp is 3.7.2 (Released March, 2024)

GeoMapApp is a map-based application for browsing, visualizing and analyzing a diverse suite of curated global and regional geoscience data sets. These cover geophysics, geology, geochemistry, physical oceanography, climatology, and more.

Mt. St. Helens Elevation Data Multi-Channel Seismic Reflection Data Tonga Trench Earthquakes

GeoMapApp provides data layering, display customization and analytical tools to support the analysis of multidisciplinary data sets. Choose from Mercator, North polar and South polar projections. Save the images for papers and presentations.

Users can import their own grids, tabular data, images, and shapefiles. For imported grids, the color palette, shaded relief, and contouring are customizable; users may also extract profiles and digitize grids. Imported table values can be edited and the map symbol, color and size are adjustable. Tabular values may be plotted on a graph and captured and saved with a lasso function.

Several custom portals provide visualization and basic analysis for data types that typically require specialist software. Examples include seismic reflection profiles and geodetic velocity vectors.

The GMRT base map provides multi-resolution global elevation data upon which other data sets can be layered.

GeoMapApp is developed and maintained as part of the Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS) at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.

Ice Flow Velocity Data - Rignot et al., v2, 2017 UNAVCO PBO Plate Velocity Vector Data - IGS08 Seafloor Crustal Age Data - Mueller et al.

System requirements

GeoMapApp runs with Java under the Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix/Solaris operating systems. Use the Download Links on the left to install GeoMapApp. Alternatively, if you are unable to install the application, you may launch GeoMapApp directly from the internet using a Java-enabled web browser. Click here to launch GeoMapApp using Java WebStart.

GeoMapApp in the community

GeoMapApp is widely used by geoscience educators and researchers as a tool for discovering and integrating multidisciplinary earth science research data, for proposal preparation and meeting presentations and talks, for the generation of figures for publications, and for a broad range of education practices at the graduate, undergraduate and high-school level.

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