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Vol.09 No.03:
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Vol.09 No.03

Dear GeoMapApp community,

We are pleased to announce a new release, version 3.6.0.

The new DataLayers menu consolidates the wide range of built-in global, regional, and local geoscience data sets that were originally listed under the Basemaps and Datasets menus in earlier versions of GeoMapApp. The consolidation allows the DataLayers menu to be structured more intuitively and managed more efficiently. The old-style menus are now frozen and no longer maintained but remain available for use with older versions of GeoMapApp.

The Zoom Undo function has been expanded to capture the four most recent zoom actions.

The Session Manager (Save Session) has been enhanced and offers a basic ability to store, share, and re-use an instance of a GeoMapApp session. Saving a session (File > Session Manager) captures limited features that include the loaded built-in data layers, layer transparency, map location, and zoom level. It also captures any loaded data portal. The captured information is stored as a small XML file that can be shared with colleagues and students. When a saved session file is imported, GeoMapApp automatically zooms to the geographical area and displays the data layers. A saved session could be shared with a class to allow every student to open GeoMapApp at exactly the same starting point with the same data layers loaded and the same area displayed. When using GeoMapApp to generate a figure for publication, storing the session could be useful for later re-use.

This release also includes other updates and bug fixes such as a new status bar when loading the Analog Seismic Reflection Profiles portal.

Visit the GeoMapApp development history page for more details and a complete list of changes.

As always, please email us with any problems, comments, or suggestions at or make a post to the GeoMapApp User Forum.

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