GeoMapApp In the Classroom

Resources for Teachers

A collection of resources below can help you bring GeoMapApp into your classroom.
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GeoMapApp Learning Activities
Mini-Lessons for MARGINS
science topics
Exploring Seafloor Topography using GeoMapApp - EET Activity
Explore climate history with sediment core data using Virtual Ocean - EET Activity
Tutorials for using GeoMapApp
MediaBank Photos, Videos
and Map Images
Science Education Resource
Center (SERC)

Resources for Geoscience Faculty
Using Data in the Classroom
Data Sources and Tools
Paleoclimatic Data for the
Last 2000 Years
Paleoclimatic Data Before
2000 Years Ago

The Medieval Warm Period
The Mid-Holocene Warm Period
The Penultimate Interglacial Period
The Mid-Cretaceous Period