GeoMapApp In the Classroom

For those who wish to set up GeoMapApp in the classroom a list of primary websites required for the application to run properly is provided below. System and Network Administrators should configure the workstations for different workgroups to allow the following sites:

  1. GeoMapApp Main Site
  2. MGDS: Marine Geoscience Data System
  3. MediaBank

However, the application retrieves information from dozens of other websites. The application will also direct users to an outside website for related information and often the destination refers to the original source of data. Many of these sites end with the web address of:

  1. .edu
  2. .gov
  3. .us
  4. .mil
  5. .org

Such sites generally provide suitable content for the classroom environment.
For our full detailed white list of sites click here.

Additional sites used by the GeoMapApp application include .com, .net, or international websites (Australia .au, Canada .ca, France .fr, Germany .de, etc.).

Choosing To Allow Sites On Our List

To experience the full functionalities of our application it is strongly advised to allow access to the full list of sites provided here. Allowing access to only the primary sites will provide students with the basic funtionalities to display various maps and investigate part of the data from the 'Portals' section of our application.

Choosing to block certain sites on the white list can result in limited functionality of the Web Feature Service (WFS) or Web Map Service (WMS) within the GeoMapApp application. Restriction of sites will also limit the functionality of most information buttons within the application. The information buttons help users by providing them more details on the area they are viewing and the original source of the data by opening a web browser to the directed site.


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