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Vol.11 No.02:
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Vol.11 No.02

Dear GeoMapApp community,

We are pleased to announce a new release, version 3.6.6.

See what's new in this new version by watching this short video.

Highlights of the release include function enhancements and a number of bug fixes.

The Digitizer Tool has been significantly enhanced. Digitized points can now be interactively edited, re-ordered, dragged on the map and deleted, and digitized segments can be appended. Simpler buttons make the interface more intuitive. More information about the digitizer tool can be found in this new video tutorial.

The Save Session function (File > Session Manager) has been improved to better handle layering options and symbol configurations. Saving a session captures all loaded built-in data layers and portals and any contouring, transparency options, and any symbol coloring and scaling. When a saved session is imported, GeoMapApp automatically zooms to the pre-set map area, displays the previously-loaded data layers and portals, and colors and scales any points and grids. Saved sessions are useful for teaching and for collaboration – simply share the session file with colleagues and students to have GeoMapApp start up in exactly the same state. More information about saving a session can be found in this new video tutorial.

In addition to ESRI ASCII and binary-formatted grids, imported grids in netCDF format can now have Z values in float or double-precision format, corresponding to the GMT nd and nf formats.

Remote data sets served via newer-style https: calls to WFS/WMS services can now be accessed. Displaying WFS data sets in polar projections was also fixed. Switching projections now correctly disposes any loaded data sets and tear-off menu windows before the new projection is displayed.

The option to color, scale or graph tabular data sets is now easier to use – only valid numerical columns are listed in the drop-down menus.

Other improvements and bug fixes requested by the GeoMapApp user community have also been implemented. These include a fix to the profile tool that now lifts then pen at data gaps. A default color palette now applies to all loaded grids – user can change the palette by choosing from more than 60 options under the palette menu. A bug affecting the Layer Manager Info button and Legend button for tabular and WFS/WMS data sources has been fixed.

Visit the GeoMapApp development history page for more details and a complete list of changes. As always, you may email us with any problems, comments, or suggestions at

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