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Vol.10 No.02:
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Vol.10 No.02

Dear GeoMapApp community,

We are pleased to announce a new release, version 3.6.3.

In North and South Polar projections, a bug related to loading global and contributed grids has been fixed.

Two bugs relating to setting the color or scale size of data points in tables that contain empty or partially filled columns have also been addressed.

This new release should also resolve an issue that some Mac users encountered when trying to save seismic profiles in the Digital Seismic Reflection Profiles portal.

The Save Session functionality can now be used to correctly reload color palettes for multiple saved grids.

In addition, new functionality in this new release allows users to define the Z value units and the data type when importing a grid. The user-specified values will be displayed with the Z value in the top bar and with a profile y-axis annotation.

Visit the GeoMapApp development history page for more details and a complete list of changes. As always, you may email us with any problems, comments, or suggestions at

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