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Vol.10 No.01:
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Vol.10 No.01

Dear GeoMapApp community,

We are pleased to announce a new release, version 3.6.2.

Highlights of the release include several enhancements in response to community requests and a number of bug fixes.

The handling of tabular data sets has been enhanced. User imported tabular data records can now be edited, with the changes displayed in real-time. Color and scale ranges can be inverted and a color legend and scale legend are now available. When tabular records are plotted as tracks instead of stations, the Configure pen attributes (thickness, type, color) allow users to specify the track line parameters.

In the Underway Bathymetry, Gravity and Magnetics Anomalies portal, a new 'save profile' button allows the profile image to be saved. The displayed profile can also be auto-scaled. An option has been added allowing users to import their own MGD77T tab-separated format data files. Imported MGD77 and MGD77T files remain cached for later use.

An expanded range of color palettes has been added to GeoMapApp. When gridded or tabular data is displayed, users can now choose from more than 60 different palettes including all the ones available in the GMT software. The palette export capability has been upgraded.

The Save Session function (File > Session Manager) has been significantly enhanced. It provides the ability to save, store and re-use an instance of a GeoMapApp session. Saving a session captures all loaded data portals and data layers, the map location and, new for this release, Save Session now captures any coloring and scaling of points as well as the grid palette. When a saved session is imported, GeoMapApp automatically zooms to the pre-set map area, displays the previously-loaded data layers and portals, and colors/scales any points and grids. Saved sessions are useful for teaching and for collaboration - simply share the session file with colleagues and students to have GeoMapApp start up in the same state. Save Session functionality has also been added to the north and south polar projections.

The default south polar base map which is from the GMRT synthesis has been updated to include the v1.0 International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean (IBCSO) 500m-resolution grid as the latest regional compilation in areas lacking high-resolution multibeam sonar data.

A limited functionality Beta Survey Planner Waypoints Portal provides track line distances and sailing times. Multiple parallel survey tracks can be generated automatically. The portal remains under development with planned enhancements including the ability to pick multiple station waypoints from the map and to determine track line spacing and waypoints based upon depth. We welcome your feedback on future capabilities.

The availability of Tear-Off Menus is highlighted at the top of each menu - when clicked, a separate navigation window helps users quickly navigate the menus.

Other improvements and bug fixes requested by the GeoMapApp user community have also been included such as an upgrade to the profiling tool pointer to provide better accuracy; a corrected display of the Z value in the top bar when multiple grids are loaded; better import ability for UTM grids; and enhanced capability to access the components of a remote WMS (Web Mapping Service).

Visit the GeoMapApp development history page for more details and a complete list of changes. As always, you may email us with any problems, comments, or suggestions at

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