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Vol.07 No.01:
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Vol.07 No.01

Dear GeoMapApp community,

We are pleased to announce a new release, version 3.3.2. for the New Year.

Highlights of the release include an enhanced caching of the GeoMapApp Menus for a faster loading time of the application. Cache Options have been added to the Preferences section which gives users the ability to clear the menus cache (needed if menus on start-up are incomplete). We've also added a new Portals Cache feature with options to clear the portal cache under Cache Options. Users can now cache one portal (Multibeam Swath Bathymetry). In future releases we will make more portals available for caching.

Several improvements to the Profile Tool have been made. The slider now scales to the current vertical exaggeration, the user can choose to enter profile start and end points in decimal degrees or degrees and decimal minutes, and more. A new help button provides more details on the Profile Tool.

This release also includes several enhancements for the Dataset menu. When loading any tabular dataset from this menu, a second progress bar will show users the loading of the file and size. In addition, if a user colors any dataset from this menu, they now have the ability to display a color legend for the dataset. Users can also download and save this legend as a .jpg file.

Several bugs reported by the GeoMapApp community have also been addressed. Please check the GeoMapApp development history page for more details.

As always, you may email us with any problems, comments, and/or suggestions:

Menu and Portal Cache is located under
File > Preferences > Cache Options.
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