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Vol.12 No.01:
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Vol.12 No.01

Dear GeoMapApp community,

We are pleased to announce a new release, version 3.6.8.

Highlights of the release include:

The new GPS Velocity Vector portal allows geodetic velocity solutions to be drawn on the map. Choose from the built-in UNAVCO geodetic data sets or import your own velocity solutions.

The Waypoints and Survey Planner portal provides a range of options for generating, importing, and editing waypoints and survey lines. When a grid is loaded, imported waypoints now sample that grid at the specified coordinates.

The Digitizer function offers a choice between great circle and straight line paths, and points can be dragged on the map.

The contouring function allow contours to be plotted on a transparent grid and to be drawn in bold at user-specified intervals.

Other improvements and bug fixes requested by the GeoMapApp user community have also been implemented. The USGS earthquake location catalogs for the past hour, day, week, month time periods now load correctly. Other included fixes are to the import and saving of tabular data sets; to the zoom function for map areas straddling the Greenwich meridian; to the robustness of the Rivers overlay; and, improved handling of user-imported netCDF grids, and the ability to plot imported tabular data as coloured track segments.

As always, you may email us with any problems, comments, or suggestions at

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