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Vol.05 No.01:
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Vol.05 No.01

Dear GeoMapApp community,

The imminent release of GeoMapApp version 3.0.0 will include major additions to the Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) bathymetry basemap. At this point we are deprecating all earlier releases of GeoMapApp 1.x.x. These versions will no longer work as desired. Please discontinue use and consider downloading our current version of GeoMapApp 2.8.2 or version 3.0.0 to be released later this week.

In the interim take a look at our new app EarthObserver at the Apple Store. It's free for a limited time!

The upgrade can be obtained three different ways:
  1. From the "Download Links" section, select your operating system, and click "AGREE" at the bottom of the page.
  2. Alternatively, you can launch the new version using Java WebStart by clicking the indicated link.
  3. Or just launch your existing version of GeoMapApp, you will be prompted to download the newest version.

Please email us with any problems, comments, and/or suggestions:


EarthObserver App

Try EarthObserver on your iPad, iPhone or iTouch.
Free for a limited time.

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