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Help - Exporting Data for Google Earth

GeoMapApp images can be viewed using free Google Earth software.

Here's how to do it:

Download any version of Google Earth(c) from Install it on your computer's Desktop.

Use GeoMapApp to display any data from our many datasets or import your own data.

Try the GeoMapApp demonstration files available at Data for Google Earth. See how to display them.

This image shows vent locations (black), Lamont-Doherty core locations (yellow), magnitude-scaled earthquake epicenters (green) and selected shiptracks (black and white lines) against a background of bathymetry centered on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

From the File menu, select Save As...

Choose Save image as .kmz (Google Earth).

Enter a name for your file and save it to the Desktop.

To view a downloaded datafile (.kmz or .kml) in Google Earth

Double-click your datafile. Google Earth should open and zoom to your region. Alternatively, you can open Google Earth, select the File menu and browse to your .kmz file. Double-click it and it will be displayed.

Note that Google Earth is © 2006 Google; the image is © 2006 NASA and © 2006 Terrametrics. Use of Google Earth is subject to the Terms and Conditions on their website.

You can zoom and pan for a closeup of your GeoMapApp data:

Click here to go to Main GeoMapApp Help page.

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