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Vol.06 No.02:
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Vol.06 No.02

Dear GeoMapApp community,

We are pleased to announce a new release, version 3.2.0.

With this release we've included several new features in GeoMapApp. We've optimized the startup time with a menu caching feature and included a small amount of tiles bundled with the application. This will significantly speed up the loading and viewing of the application. In addition we've built a new portal called Search Expedition Data. We've also enhanced the Digital Seismic Reflection Profiles portal, Radar Profiles of Antarctic Ice Thickness portal, Earthquake Locations, Epicenter Depths and Magnitudes portal, Analog Seismic Reflection Profiles and Bathymetry, Gravity and Magnetic Profiles portal. We've addressed several bugs reported by the GeoMapApp community with more details outlined below.

A new portal, Search Expedition Data, provides a searchable map-based cruise track interface. A range of search parameters allows the user to filter the cruise tracks on display. Users can choose from the type of data collected, ship name, cruise ID, date range, funding source, and the name of chief scientist or other member of the science party. Simple boolean logic permits multiple search parameters to refine the results, and linked web pages provide additional information and downloadable cruise data.

We've added Menus Caching, a new optimization feature to reduce the start up time of the application. GeoMapApp will detect if the user has the latest set of menus and will proceed to load and cache them. After the initial caching GeoMapApp will start noticeably more quickly until it detects a new set of menu items. We've also bundled tiles of zoom level one, level two and level four with the application on all three projections and added level eight for the Mercator projection.

Significant new Antarctic additions include enhancements to the Digital Seismic Reflection Profiles portal, which now offers a connection to several surveys from the SCAR Seismic Data Library System (SDLS) and a separate portal for Radar Profiles of Antarctic Ice Thickness that provides images and access to airborne radar data from the Antarctica's Gamburtsev Province Project (AGAP) and Lake Vostok.

Problems importing and saving Excel files (.xls or .xlsx) have been fixed and the import can now handle date-formatted and numerical-formatted cells for .xls files. In the Bathymetry, Gravity and Magnetic Anomaly Profiles portal, the download data button is now functional allowing .a77-formatted files to be downloaded to your machine. Several other reported bugs have been addressed.

As always, you may email us with any problems, comments, and/or suggestions:

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