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Vol.06 No.01:
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Vol.06 No.01

Dear GeoMapApp community,

We are pleased to announce a new release of Virtual Ocean 2.5.4. This release includes the addition of three new Global Terrain Maps which can be found under the Basemaps menu. These maps are the Road map, the Hybrid map, and OpenStreetMap. We've also enhanced the Fence Diagrams section which is located in the Digital Seismic Reflection Profiles under the Portals menu.

GeoMapApp is regularly updated and expanded to better meet the needs of the community. Feedback from users is key to helping guide the direction of its future development. Would you be willing to give us your GeoMapApp feedback via a simple, short survey? If so, we ask that you fill in the following survey by the end of February. Take our survey!

GeoMapApp and Virtual Ocean are provided as part of the newly established Integrated Earth Data Applications (IEDA) facility. IEDA is a partnership between the Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS) and the Geoinformatics for Geochemistry program (GfG) to provide new and enhanced tools and services for observational Geoscience data in the Ocean, Earth, and Polar Sciences. Please visit any of our websites for more information about the tools and services we provide.

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The IEDA Team

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