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Vol.05 No.05:
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Vol.05 No.05
11.29 2011

Dear GeoMapApp community,

We are pleased to announce a new release, version 3.1.6.

With this release we've updated the Import a 2D Grid file feature to accept .nc format and can import NetCDF-4 grids and NetCDF-3 grids. Also when importing a grid, a More Info button displays the file details of your .nc (.grd file extension also accepted) grid. Note that the function Save to NetCDF-4 Grid is not yet available due to a known bug in the java libraries.

The Radar portal (for South Polar projection), Digital Seismic Reflection Profiles portal and Analog Seismic Reflection Profiles portal have been updated with a new feature to enable users to load files of previously digitized horizons from a radar or seismic line. In addition, a major new radar dataset from the US-British AGAP survey of Antarctica has been added to the South Polar Radar portal. A bug associated with switching between the Zoom and Digitize a Reflector tools has also been fixed.

The map window digitizer tool has been updated to load the Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) elevation grid on start up as the default grid. This new release also includes an important bug fix for proper loading of the global GMRT grid at the zoom levels 1 and 2.

One added feature is the ability to import a Excel file (.xlsx) even with formulas in the cells. This was not possible in the previous versions of GMA.

As always, you may email us with any problems, comments, and/or suggestions:

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