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Vol.05 No.04:
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Vol.05 No.04

Dear GeoMapApp community,

We are pleased to announce a new release, version 3.1.0.

With this release we've updated two Portals; 'Locations and Timing of Seafloor Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions' and 'Multi-Channel Seismic Reflection Profiles'. In addition, the 'Multi-Channel Seismic Reflection Profiles' Portal has also been renamed to 'Digital Seismic Reflection Profiles' and the 'Single-Channel Seismic Reflection Profiles' Portal to 'Analog Seismic Reflection Profiles'.

The data sets available through the Locations and Timing of Seafloor Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions Portal have been updated to reflect the most current seismicity catalogs provided by the PMEL hydroacoustic database. Hydroacoustic seismicity catalogs are available for 3 arrays: Juan De Fuca - SOSUS, East Pacific Rise, and Mid Atlantic Ridge. We've also included a new menu option to view local seismicity episodes as provided by the PMEL database and new selected episodes will be included in the coming months.

The Digital Seismic Reflection Profiles portal has been revised to include new options to access seismic data (both multi channel and single channel) from the USGS. Data are accessed directly from the USGS servers and they will be adding more data in the coming year. The portal has also been updated with the most recently released stacked and migrated profiles within the holdings of the UTIG and LDEO Academic Seismic Portal.

The new release also includes an important bug fix to enable proper loading of the global GMRT grid at resolutions higher than the global view.

As always, you may email us with any problems, comments, and/or suggestions:

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