GeoMapApp© What's New in the User Guide?

The following sections of the User Guide have been updated. A very short description explains the change. Note that some images in the User Guide may depict older versions of GeoMapApp as long as there has been no change in functionality.

October 2013 - GeoMapApp version 3.3.8

  • 5.1.2) Import data sets: Import Image from Web Map Service (WMS)
  • WMS versioning

  • 5.1.5) Import data sets: Import Table or Spreadsheet
  • Format of imported files

  • 5.1.7) Preferences
  • Caching of menus and portals

  • 5.1.8) Session Manager
  • Section added

  • 5.3.5) Multibeam Swath Bathymetry
  • Caching of portal

  • 5.3.8) PetDB (Composition of the Oceanic Volcanic Crust)
  • Interface layout and function

  • 5.3.10) Seafloor Photographic Transects
  • Section added

  • 5.4) Datasets
  • Generate and save a color legend for colored symbols

  • 6) Guide to the Toolbar
  • Toolbar icons

  • 6.5) Profile/Distance tool
  • Profile start/end and vertical exaggeration functions

  • 10.1) How to Import Data: Spreadsheets
  • Specify symbol color for all symbols or for individual symbols

  • 10.4) How to manipulate grids
  • Map area lock and z-value/gradient histogram button